Posted on: January 5, 2009 2:19 am

The Year That Was: 2008

I'll start off by telling you a little bit about me. My name is Bill and I'm a sophomore at the University of Connecticut. While I support the teams here at UConn my heart belongs to the teams of the A-T-L. That's right I'm the only person in Connecticut that I know of who is a fan of the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers, and of Georgia Tech. (that's right, ahead of my own school and proud of it). I work in athletic communications at school where I hope to eventually become either a sports information director at a major school or a Division I softball head coach.

I'm going to plan on posting one blog per week. Likely on Thursday evenings as a sort of look ahead to the weekend. Many of my postings will be about the teams I follow unless you, the reader, wants to hear my thoughts on a topic of your choosing. I encourage you to comment on my Blogs or E-mail me requests for stories and I will do my best to write about whatever it is that you want. My e-mail is, please have a relevant topic line accompanying your request else I will delete it as spam.

Well this is my first official Blog entry and I must say that I am thrilled to finally be able to start posting my thoughts about the grand world which we've all come to know as The Sporting World. In this entry I will look back on the 2008 sports season. I will count down my favourite moments from the year that was as well as award my annual National College Football Championship, who needs the AP or Sporting News when you someone who has a criteria that is absolute for awarding championships in non-tournament sports. As a Georgia Tech. fan, however, the season obviously ended on a bit of a sour note with a horrifying loss to what had been a terribly underachieving LSU team.

And without further ado my Top 5 Moments from 2008 sporting year:

5)  The boys doing the Dirty Bird in the endzone qualify for the playoffs after a year or total turmoil the year prior. This in addition to the Patriots not making the playoffs, living in the northeast all of the sports radio shows make the Pats out to be God's gift to humanity, since the postseason started I've heard nothing about them. Congrats Coach Smith and go Falcons.

4)  Not much to cheer about in the soccer world this year, but through what was a disheartening loss to Manchester United there was a positive and that was that Chelsea F.C. qualified for their first UEFA Champions League final in club history. They are currently sitting 2nd in the Premier League table and are very much alive in the Champions league ,qualifying again for the Knockout Stage. Keep it up lads, bring home the Cup in 2009.

3)  The Hawks ended a lengthy playoff drought and took the mighty power that was the 2007-08 edition of the Boston Celtics to seven games and show what having faith in a coach can do for a team if he has time to completely implement his system and get the players that fit that system. Congrats to Coach Woodson and the Hawks and best of luck for the remainder of this year and all subsequent years.

2)  A friend of mine and I went up to Toronto, ON for the International Bowl (I know technically 2009, but more part of the 2008 season). I urge everyone to try and make it up to an International Bowl. They really know how to do it right up there. Best part had to have been seeing my school come back from 10 down to win. Congrats UConn and best of luck to my new friends Cody, Keith, and Will who will hopefully all be playing in the NFL come next season.

1)  Georgia Tech. runs wild over UGAg. In a display of option offense perfection we saw the Ramblin' Wreck ramble for over 400 yards on the ground against the rivals from Athens. For the first time in seven years Tech. had something to celebrate. Congrats Georgia Tech. it's been a long time coming, I think we've finally arrived.



In this next segment I would like to crown my Champions for the year that was and recognize those that won their respective league's playoffs.

MLB: Phildelphia Phillies

NBA: Boston Celtics

NFL: New York Giants

NHL: Detroit Red Wings

MLS: Columbus Crew

EPL: Manchester United

NCAAB: Kansas Jayhawks

NCAAF: Utah Utes*

*I'm awarding Utah the NCAA Football Championship on the basis that they played in a BCS bowl game, were the only team in Division 1A that went undefeated and therefor in my mind deserve it.



In my first Thursday post I will recognize my male and female Athlete of the Year, Teams of the year from each major league, school of the year for colleges and universities, and any other award I can think of between now and then.

I'm going to end this for now but I would like to sign off by saying, "To Hell with Georgia"

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